Thursday, October 7, 2010

This Life

What is it about death that we seek to know so much about before it is our time to go?
What is it about death we seek not to know when it is our time to go.
My heart fills will anger at the news, I just need to understand, can you explain to it to me?
The wind will whisper your story and share your presence for times to come to all the knew you.
Hold on a moment, I need to work this news through my brain that wants to reject it as a lie.
It just can’t be. Is this the great divide? This life may be over but you are not through living.
A drag race of thoughts sputter about my head seeking out shared moments of yesteryear.
The tears that fill my eyes see reflective visions dance before it like an old, comforting movie.
The wet salty matter slides down my face escaping the land of comfort to allow for this moment of sadness, for you will be missed, my friend.
They say you will be in a better place, but what is superior to being here with those that love you that find their life’s delight wrapped in your loving embrace?
My heart beats slowly, but hard against my ribcage – it tells a story of sorrow for this world lost a great friend.
The world will not be a better place without you in it – this I am, certain, the world will never know a person such as you again in its lifetime – the world will miss you, I will miss you, your family will miss you.
The sky has opened to receive your traveling soul, rest friend and watch over us all as you did in your short time walking amongst us all. We wish you peace and comfort when you arrive.
I am sorry for not getting to say goodbye, but one day I know I will see you again to say hello.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

One Small Victory

They say one of the hardest things for writers to do is getting published.  But they also say if you write enough and not focus on the perfect grammar and editing mechanisms that you will get published based on the value of your content.  I have been writing and submitting my work to various poetry publishers and online campaigns.  I was notified today that my work has been posted on the End the Silence Campaign’s website link below...

I consider this a small victory for my work and look forward to the day I am in print as well.