Sunday, August 25, 2013


By Lee Ann Walker

Wrecked by the words, devastated by the blow of the moment, seated, shaken. Life around us swirls so quickly - faces and movements can no longer be made to form, words erupt, unrecognizable, yet distinct, reminiscent. Simple is no longer the way of life, for all has changed in a single element of time – capturing the past, present, and future. Hostage is the sanity that once was reveled in freedom and yet finds comfort roaming in the mind of naivety and weakness.  For the wool has not besieged my eyes, it has collapsed over my body, smothering hope like an eternal flame brought down by a feather weighted with cement. What will become will only be revealed in time and what will be known may never truly be known for how can you change a foreordain path. Swirls of life all around yet none so close to grab hold, an elusive concept really. The pain that embitters the mind and entwines the process of reason with despair. Quash the fury that rises from the pits of the darkness for no one can be to blame. Evoking a sadness that is deeper than the Marina Trench. Eerier is the thought that the bad luck of your day has become the bad luck of her life. There is a dungeon not too far away, it holds a place for me, many days I welcome this journey into the arms of the darkness – ready to close my eyes and fall into a slumber of defeat.  The lightest sense of life is heavy now, dragging me behind like a wrecking ball and chain. I am scrapped and bruised, unshielded from the devastating blows and cuts of an odd new normalcy. Yet there is a spark, while small and at times squelched – it is there waiting to erupt into a flame that devours the darkness and rises above to claim the throne is once resided upon. Claiming back hope and a new normalcy of life. Prosperity will reign in a time where not much else would survive, yet we are not talking about money or riches, we are talking about life, her life. For her life is my life and living is not possible without her.