Monday, June 25, 2012

The Heart of a Fighter

The news comes with a blow of the worst kind,

Hitting your gut leaving you in a shocked state of mind,

Leaving you asking, why her and why me,
Wanting to believe it just can’t be,

A darkness so deep it drains your soul of hope,
A pain that is intoxicating feeding you like dope,

No one can explain the uncertainty that becomes,
Knowing that you and your child are the ones,

Chosen to endure a fight like no other,
Putting her life in the hands of another,

Keeping strength is an arduous task,
But knowing she will fight keeps you steadfast,

With each kick inside the womb,
It is certain her destiny is not on the path of gloom,

She will teach you all about courage and how to be strong,
Her determination to live will prove everyone wrong,

She is our heart baby that is for sure,
We know that your condition does not have a cure,

It does not change the love and pride we have for her,
We are so glad you chose us to stand beside you, that is for sure,

On the eve of your birth,
Know mommy, daddy, and brother already love you more than anything on this earth.

Dedicated to our sweet girl and heart baby, Ryleigh Ann Walker.