Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Dad, A Best Friend

A Dad, A Best Friend

By Lee Ann Walker


Haunted by a decision made of his own,

living with pain he should never have known.

He sees his life a different way,

reminded through his son, his pain will stay.

A child then, deciding to leave in search of a good time,

America his heart screamed, now a bad memory in his mind.

Leaving his dad and saying good bye,

boarding a plane to give a new life a try.

Could he have known his actions then would be so regretful,

wise reason says no, but he holds on so resentful.

A child should never have to choose,

for in the end the child will lose.

Words of wisdom cannot lessen his fears,

all I can do is wipe away the tears.

Life occurs as it is meant to be,

challenging us in ways we don’t always agree.

He thinks the divide has cost him a bond,

but in reality the love his father has is quite fond.

Solid and strong and remaining so true,

distance and time were no match for these two.

Hold steadfast in your heart my dear man,

for this bond is one that can withstand.

Never forget, in his heart he will love you to the end,

for in him, you have a dad and a best friend.