Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mind Infiltration

No words of ease to comfort the heart of the broken, so many shattered pieces. Diligent denial rests easy in the mind, maddening solitude resides in my bones. Forsaking all good and casting away all evil, yet the residual is a permanent black scar that lifts its weary head for no one.

Panic of the unknown, fear of the known, living, breathing darkness consumes my being. The light. The light, however, is like a speck in the sky, a star in a faraway galaxy, not much larger than a pin prick, yet it provides a sense of peace, a sense of tranquility. It provides the hope.

Small but mighty. A battle so grown it manifests and evokes the contrast of nimble and dilatory. Illuminating the darkness, while the darkness smothers the light – the constant ritual begins, an intricate dance among thieves.  Can it be a reverie or a dreary misapprehension, never allowing the ability to escape to seek restitution from the crimes it has prevailed upon my soul. Never bring righteousness to the victim, but always magnificence to the malicious.

I tender my thoughts to provoke an emotion that only the goodwill can control. It is for this instance that my sanity finds a moment to catch up, to relinquish the chains that bind and set oneself free from the burdens that weigh you down like a heavy, luminous cloud in an eternally brilliant blue sky trying to find its way around the wall of despondency you have built in your mind. Peace is forthcoming, as justice will be done. It may not be within the respire that remains, but knowing in my broken heart the sentinels of impartiality will collect on the overdue liability.

Hope permeates in like a slow rolling graveyard fog, it devours the darkness and brings with it a feeling that cannot be replicated or masked. I know, you know, we know that the time of sorrow will be done. The thoughts part to allow the brilliance of the mind to deliver a message of tranquility that bides for the day you will devour all that is can provide. Hope is but a step away on the brick path of life, steadfast and strong. Hold tight for the hero, for at the end of the day that is you.

Heal your sorrow, mend your heart, open your mind, and allow the verve to collect your soul and bring forth the goodness that warrants imminent melancholy occasions. Thy mind is uncontrolled, do not be deceived, allow the mind’s gears to turn and open the heavy, dungeon gate that once held in its captivity a soul that was weak - but no more, allow the thoughts to run free and far away. Love, live, and be the person who holds happiness in their vestibule of life’s gates. Walk…through, your time has arrived.

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