Monday, April 9, 2012

Cut From the Same Cloth

By Lee Ann Walker


Years ago a man made life's greatest decision to share his name and a piece of him by having a child. The child born a male with bright blue eyes and blonde hair represented all of this father’s hopes and dreams. He hoped his son would be smart, loving, full of life, and have the tenacity that would bring him all of life's riches. As the years passed he watched his boy become a man, and he realized no matter the distance that kept them apart, nor circumstance, no matter the situation that separated them too early, he knew his son was cut of the same cloth.

He watched his son serve a country in honor, he admired his ability to learn his trade, and enjoy the blood of happiness and love when his son met his divine soul mate in life. This father knew he had done all he could to provide his son with life's purpose and direction. He knew it all had come true the moment he saw his grandchild for the first time, it was then that any doubt about the type of man he had fathered washed away with the tide of uncertainty. His son was just like him. This father raised a child into a man who gave more to this life than he ever asked for, his riches came in the blessing of a prosperous life. This father knew his son became a great man, a commonality they both shared.

This father should know his son loves him dearly, talks of him often, and admires to be all that his father is. This son is thankful for his father each day and even though the miles are between them, there isn't a day he doesn't think about him. He thanks his father for giving him the cloth of life and his name to carry on for his son. The tradition of fatherhood lives strong in their hearts and minds, and now through another generation. This father set good examples and lived by an ethical code that provided many rules, but most of all it provided a unity greater than any other, a bond between this father and son.

Take in peace and comfort knowing his son who will take life's greatest challenges head on and steadfast knowing his castle has been built of brick and mortar and will not faulter to the  hard stones of life pelting the walls,  for his cloth is much too great.
Craig and Lawson