Friday, December 31, 2010


Revelry is a strength not bestowed upon the weak. Not that the weak are undeserving, but because they don’t allow it in, it knocks diligently at the door, yet goes unanswered.  Like a shadow looming around a corner lit by the street lamp, even though the shadow is all that is there, never a face, the weak fear what will be waiting, making the choice to stop and run the other way. Captive like a day void of sun, with dark oppressive clouds covering the sky like a heavy wool Army blanket. Yet something bothers the weak about finding their way to the light, something stands in their way. Fear. The fear of the unknown is much like driving around a side mountain street not big enough for two cars and not knowing if an opposing car is coming. Death. We are all dying, yet the thought of death provides no comfort and aging provides no wisdom. It is not what we know but what we learn along the way that builds our soul like a fortress of concrete. Yet solid, we stand in a puddle of emotion that hurts with every step. Unable to dry from the rain the diligently falls and attempts to drown the soul of the ability to move on. Crossing the street is hard work, work that requires placing one foot in front of the other. I promise the other side is better, like a soft, still lake with gentle ripples easy to enjoy, providing the serenity of the summer sun reflecting tiny diamonds.  The warmth is fulfilling, engaging, world changing. The grass offers the feet a much needed break and replaces the once burning coals that scar the ability to pace life normally. Happiness is found in the little treasures of life that are waiting for us. Simple smiles from a child, an ice cold drink, the sweet taste of homemade apple pie, the smell of fresh laundry, and the love that grows with each moment given to laughter. This will not find you unless you allow yourself to be found. Reach out and beyond the unknown. Allow the soul and shadow to step with you in unison. You can make the journey to the land of the unknown and enjoy life’s moments before this life is gone. Life is a short time, a constant clock ticking away, moments escaping as fast as a firefly desperate to shine again once the jar top is open. Be the firefly. Life is waiting for its queue to open the jar. Fly, shine, live.

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