Thursday, September 2, 2010

For No Good Reason

It starts with something. Its starts with something lacking. Something you need, but are not getting. You can feel them, uncontrollable and determined. The flush. The flood. The Sadness. Sadness for no good reason is such a wasted emotion. But what makes for a good reason? Illness, death, misery and fear perhaps. But that is not why I shed them; I shed them because my internal emotions and expressions do not match the external spoken words that my mind forms and my mouth mimics. Have I have said it all wrong, have I not said enough, have I said too much. There so many better things to shed them for. Health, birth, happiness, and strength perhaps.

I am sad on the inside and my tears are a way to show it on the outside. My eyes become flooded and overwhelmed with a painful sting. A punishment for holding them in too long. My eyes fill with a toxic salt water mixture; toxic because it is tainted with a touch of sadness and a pinch of regret. My tears are hot, yet, cold to the touch. They overflow on to my cheeks letting me know there is a slight breeze in the room as my cheeks are chilled in the wake of the determined tears path. They flow as if they are running from something, maybe they too fear I will not let them escape next time. Trickery to have done so this time, silly on my part. My heart hurts because I have no real reason to cry. For tomorrow this will all be forgotten and my tears will have fallen for no good reason.

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