Thursday, September 2, 2010

More to Me

There is more to me that what you see. I have layers that are like a cake baked to feed a country. I have many dimensions all of which exist on the many planes of life’s longitude and latitude. I come from all places but yet claim no nowhere. I don’t have a home in my mind – I am a nomad. I see things as they are not for what they are. I am content with my demons and fear not the ghosts that seek me in the darkness. I succumb not the weakness that makes my heart ache. I live for the freedoms that daylight can make. I take no pleasure in the dark voices that try to dissuade my morality. I am like a piano that can make the most precious of sound or the shrills of noise that breaks the ear. Deafened by pain and weak from fighting I am comforted by the thought of death. But yet it is not my time to go. There are many a things I need to know, many a things that need me now. I have opened my heart and it spills purity and love like an ocean that is being turned upside down. It runs so fast and furious, wrapping around me like latex. I am not the sheltered, adolescent fool once taped at the mouth to keep me quite. There are noises that escape my mouth. I am free to speak and share and love. I know now it is not an all or nothing world, I am divided like a fraction and I can share my triumph that beaches itself on my shoulders feeling no shame in my journey. I can be the happy person that is clawing to get out. I can break the cycle of inhumanity that devoured my prior years. I am a strong survivor of this life regardless of the guards that stand watching eager to stab my body and drain it. Placing me in a dungeon of disgrace and morbidity. Yes there is more to me that what you see. My body holds the secrets. The key to my body is in a safe place now.

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