Monday, September 13, 2010

In Your Hands

You say it is a decision for me to make,

but carries consequences that I must take,

with no one I will share the burden,

so in my decision I must be certain,

make no matter the swaying decision,

in the end it will cause a family division,

like waves I feel the pain of reluctance,

but I will say proceed for all I have are assumptions,

I will assume you have trained in your profession for this day,

and you will seek to make this body with a lack of a soul pay,

I cannot live by the chance he may slip through the knot,

so I place my hopes in your hands for the freedom I have sought,

for I cannot fear the worst may happen any longer,

as my true desire to proceed is growing stronger,

this happens they say to those who are content,

I just know I want all of this to end,

you are to seek out the person I make these claims,

no matter his voice I have found freedom from my shames,

if victory is not in my cards to play,

rest peaceful knowing I will live on no matter the day.

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