Thursday, September 2, 2010

Goodbye Sadness

Sadness. It is a pure emotion, one that cannot be hidden with a smile or accessories to hide the river of tears that are on the verge of eruption. Some use sunglasses to try, but sadness is smarter than that as the cheeks turn a sun kissed rose color, the grin comes slowly but is in turmoil from the strength of the frown. The evidence is there, that tears are only a moment away.

I sit in an airport. Airports hold the truest form of sadness, called the goodbye. I see a father who hugs his son. He holds him a little longer than normal. Longer than the casual goodbye – this one implies much time and distant will keep them apart. Maybe it is the goodbye dedicated to a soldier son going off to war or a college freshman embarking on his life’s journey. This father may have felt he prepared him, but now doubt creeps in and he is unsure if he has taught him, showed him all that he could have. Moments in time come flooding back and fill his brain – this is the part of sadness that is overwhelming – the part that can not be controlled. No matter the kind of goodbye – the sadness is agonizing to see.

He hugs and lets go not able to look up at his son, but merely turns and walks off. I can feel his heartache thick like a blanket of humidity on a already too hot day, but this day is not like any other for this day is father’s day.

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